Out of the mouth of babes

After a heavy rain we came outside to get in the car and there are leaves everywhere on the ground and driveway. Maddie pipes up saying "Oh, oh, oh Mommy made a mess!!". I heard this all the way to daycare along with "Mommy clean it the mess?". My husband ten took her to our camp a few days later while I way working and she said "Oh, oh Daddy, Mommy made a BIG mess". Lol. Straight from the mouth of babes.

Good Memories

 Many years ago Mom made Dad a onezie complete with a hat and mittons and booties. It had a flap in the back to go to the bathroom and was made of fleece. My father was always complaining about being cold.

She also made them matching clown outfits for halloween one year.

Childhood Memories

When my sister and I were maybe 6 and 7, my mother made us a doll house for Christmas. This was the best gift ever!

 It had open windows with curtains. Little flower pots that sat on end tables in the living room. A barbie tub with all the little bottles and soap. She made bath mats and mats to go around the sink and beside the tub. There was a nursery with a couple of cribs, change table and rocking chair. The kitchen had a stove with an oven door that opened and had little pots and pans with lids. A sink, kitchen table, phone, fridge-the works. The bedrooms had stand up closets with little barbie clothes with hangers. There was even different wall paper on all the walls and some that looked like wood flooring on the floors. Couches and chairs and rugs, pictures and phones on the walls-it had it all.

This picture doesn't do it justice but the best one I found so far. 

An assortment of some of the dress up clothes and halloween costumes Mom made for us over the years.

I am pretty sure that the wedding dress was Mom's and she adjusted it to fit us.

There was usually matching outfits for our dolls out of the scraps as well.

OMG, we kindof look like the klu klux klan in one of these.