Join me as I stumble through parenting while learning how to craft and sew.

I am enjoying this journey and as always am inspired by my mother.


Oh the simple things I don't know....

It's bad enough I am struggling with trying to thread the machine. The new machine had a needle threader, oh how I miss that! Now sewing in any kind of straight line is causing some creative language, just saying....

I am spending a lot of time on Google and watching You Tube videos wondering if I

will ever reach the point when I can just sit down and sew.

I have broken more than a couple of needles now. I am not sure why. I always seem to jump when this happens and I am contemplating wearing safety goggles soon.

Why does some material work better than others? I should have paid more attention when Mom talked about it. Oh I have sooo much to learn.....:(

Maybe I should take some sewing lessons. Maternity leave does not pay for that, nor does it pay for all the fabric I just bought at Fabricville. Now that seems like an addictive place. I now see why we were always there with Mom. We pretty much grew up there. Maybe I should get a discount or a free life time membership. That's probably not going to happen. In the meantime... poor, poor Visa.

* (My mother was so well known at Fabricville, that there were flowers given by the employees for my mother's funeral)

There are so many cool baby things on Pinterest I want to sew....back to the basics.

One of my first projects was facecloths. How hard can it be? Well....

Not being able to sew straight poses some problems. I used other facecloths to cut fabric the right size. Not thinking it would shrink or leaving any seam allowance for when I turned them, poses more problems. The first couple were quite small by the end. The rest got better. I had no idea to measure my seam allowance to ensure that I would catch both sides. Aparently some of those nice edges come from a serger. I attempted to do the zig zag stitch to do the same without the same professional look. Oh well, they will work.

What else can I make?....


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