Join me as I stumble through parenting while learning how to craft and sew.

I am enjoying this journey and as always am inspired by my mother.


The battle of the sewing machines

So for Christmas I decided I wanted a sewing machine. Nothing fancy as I was just going to learn- hopefully:(

My husband was shocked as I don't like sewing and always said I can't sew more than a button. Having a baby changed all that. I wanted to be able to mend things and eventually make some simple items.

Being new to motherhood, I didn't even get a chance to open the sewing machine box until February. Once I did, I quickly became frustrated. After only a few minutes of sewing, the machine all of a sudden would only go in reverse. Whaaattt? So that got returned.

Since I had already familiarized myself with that machine, I bought the same one and tried again. Again, after about an hour, this one wouldn't do reverse. Honestly!!! 3RD times a charm....Not! I am the "Queen of Returns" as my husband says.

Mom's sewing machine

About this time, totally frustrated, my brother speaks up at family supper and says he rescued one of mom's older sewing machines from the yard sale before dad moved. I am overjoyed to have another one and with sentimental value:)

And here we go........

New sewing machine

Update: I found an old desk on Kijiji and painted it with one of the sample paints I got from Lowes. Love this color. It even has a pull out shelf that I use for ironing.

Mom's sewing machine lasted me quite a few months before it was worn enough to not be worth fixing unfortunately. Just before the next Christmas, I got a new one from Fabricville. I quite like my new Brother machine. It is nice to have a new machine and not be questioning if a problem is me or the machine. Chances are it is not the machine now lol.

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