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The Bapron style bib

Found another project:) The Bapron style bib (baby apron).

The babpron style bib

This looks easy enough. Although trying to find a free pattern to download was a little challenging. (Maternity leave does not allow you to pay for all the patterns you want)

*NOTE: I just did another search and could not find the same pattern I used or a free printable again. It is easy enough to recreate. I am getting very used to that. I would use a onesie and mark shoulders, armpits and just a 2.5 inches in the middle of upper part. (Where the butterfly is in picture above) The widest part of the other middle part is 10-11 inches(total- width not folded) The height of the bottom half is 9.5 inches. Picture the image above folded in half vertically and make your pattern. I made mine slightly longer than the original pattern I had, and the measurements I just provided are for my adapted pattern not the original. It may look big, depending on the age and size of your baby but remember it should do them for a few years. Leave a good size opening in the arms when you put the bias tape on. I generally used all of 1 package of bias tape for each bapron.

Bapron style bib

The hardest part for me is learning how to use bias tape. This caused more than a few tantrums I must say. Trying to sew straight so it looks nice, and trying to catch both sides of the bias tape can be very frustrating. I still struggle with this a year and a half later. I have saved many Pinterest pins on tricks for this and watched videos, yet still mess this up. There are still a lot of things I have definitely not perfected for sure. I have learned to slow down when doing it and try to check more as I go so I don't have to take the seam ripper out as often. I often wonder if it is just me or do others struggle with this? Should I be mastering these things by now or still flying by the seat of my pants? I am not the most patient person for sure lol.

I experimented with different fabrics on top and PUL on the under side. I think they turned out pretty cute and have held up very well so far. The lighter fabric (pictured above) stained some. The fact that you can tie them helps a lot as they get older and try to pull off their bibs!! I even added a few distraction toy/teething type things on some. Other than the bias tape struggles, these are fairly easy for a beginner sewing project.

I also used this pattern for a water apron for my daughter. I just made it longer.

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