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Finally an easy project. Wet bags! Why didn't I start with this?

Wet bag

Now these are easy:)

I looked at all kinds of wet bags online to buy and make. I of course, have a few AppleCheeks ones already. They are made out of PUL (polyurethane laminate), the same as the cloth diapers.

I have tried some with zippers and some with draw strings. I am not sure which I prefer. ( I am going to go back and redo my draw string ones here soon, as I now realize it works better with two cords going opposite directions.) I have also tried some with fabric on the outside and PUL on the inside.

After fighting with direction of fabric going through the machine easily, (wrong side up or down), I realized the needle was just as much to blame as the fabric. Oh my inexperience drives me nuts at times! Now that I have a ball point needle on, I am going slower, and holding tighter, away we go.

Wet bag with fabric exterior

You can make these any size. Simply cut one piece of fabric and fold in half. Now sew the very edge of both pieces of top on both sides 1/8th to 1/4 inch seam for approx 1 inch from top.

Wet bag -finish seams for drawstring casing

Now with right sides together, sew opposite side together starting at top to bottom .

Wet bag drawstring casing

Fold top down to make encasement for drawstring (fold your previous small seam on either end in half) and sew straight across. Now match sides and top together, wrong sides inwards and sew from bottom of encasement (leaving opening for drawstring) to bottom of bag. (Back stitch top and bottom) Now feed your drawstrings through both sides and tie knots in the ends or tie together and in a knot to keep them from going back inside the casing. Put in dryer for 20 minutes to seal the holes or whatever instructions come with your material.

Note: If you want to use the double drawstring method (it does work better) simply make finishing edges on both sides of wet bag and then make a separate casing for drawstring on each of the top pieces and sew both sides starting below casing to bottom. Thread your drawstring through one way and tie ends together on one side then do the same on the other side. Now when you pull them shut it slides much better.

I did put handles on some of the wet bags for carrying. It is simply a small piece of PUL sewn into the seam. You don't have to finish the seams with PUL as it won't fray but you could tidy it up by cutting with pinking shears or just cutting straight.

Wet/dry bag with pocket

I also made a pocket on the front of some of the wet bags for wet or dry items. I used PUL for this as well and simply sewed the extra piece in with the other side seam. You do have to sew it to the bottom as well. This step may be easier if you cut your folded piece as well and sew it all or sew on your bottom of your pocket before doing anything else.

These are great for cloth diapers, swimming, dirty clothes, the gym and travel etc. Enoy:)

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