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Miss Maddie's play areas

Sooo many Pinterest ideas, so little time, space and money!! But I made most of it work lol.

Firstly I had this little cove of a space in the back yard that could be used for our space. It is small, but big enough for a sand box and some toys. It gets some sun, and by late afternoon starts to get slightly shaded. This works well as she sleeps until 230 or 3 anyway:)

So I did a lot of searching on the internet for how to make a chalkboard. I finally decided on a large piece of chip board and some dark grey pain and some plaster of paris. Mix the paint and plaster together and putting a couple of coats on the board and it is done!! I propped it up on some bricks to hopefully prevent it from staying wet. I tried to tuck it up underneath the siding as well.

Maddie's chalkboard

Next came the toad stools. another cute Pinterest find of course. So I went to the thrift store and found some wooden salad bowls. Then I painted them with some spray paint I already had and white trim paint for the circles and clear spray varnish. I am my mother's daughter when it comes to this stuff. I had most of the supplies and jumped right in:)

Next I dug some holes and found the perfect stumps of wood from our wood pile in the garage. It was a little difficult to get them level and not tipsy. I then drilled holes in the tops of the salad bowls and screwed them onto the stumps. I had some left over decorative gravel for my garden so I put that around the stumps. Murphy's law, she likes playing with the rocks more than the stools right now but she is only 2 this September. I really like how they turned out.

I put her sandbox in there and filled that up, then a couple of plants for decoration, and some toys.

Next I bought a piece of latus fence and stood that up against the deck and found some "S" hooks at the dollar store in the garden section. Now I can hang up some of her toys and it looks pretty too. Keeping the water out of the toys seems to be an issue after it rains.

I then saw these cool recycled tires made into outdoor floor mats that can be linked together at home hardware. This is the most expensive part of the project for sure but boy does this look nice. We put some landscape fabric down and then the mats. I have slowly added a few more here and there.

At Value Village I scored a couple of bouncy horse type things that play music when you jump on them. She loves them. I even found a couple for our camp. At $3-5 each, why not.

I really wanted to make a water table for her to play with. I found a lot of ideas for this on Pinterest too. I used some scraps of wood from the garage and my husband cut the legs to the right length for me then I spray painted the whole thing. It is pink on one side and green on the other. Why not?

I have plenty of water pumps from my pond kicking around so I searched through my things and found one of those with a little plastic geco to spit the water out. I put her water table in the driveway beside the stairs. Nice level ground, no mud when wet and the plug in is right there to plug the pump in.

What is a water table without a full length water apron? I used

PUL for that and made it the same as the Bapron just much longer.

She also has a plastic slide and picnic table in the driveway as well. She sits and has some snacks at the picnic table and goes up and down the slide on the way to and from anywhere lol.

A new addition to our yard thanks to my awesome brother-in-law. Isn't it gorgeous!!!

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