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Pyjama pants

​So I found the best fabric yesterday at Wal-mart in Calais ME! It is 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton. It is soooo soft and lovely. You have to check it out. This will be perfect for pyjama pants. Now I notice as I am cutting it out it does say on the edge or the fabric not to use for sleepwear. What exactly are you supposed to use anyway? This is the stuff great things for sleep are made of!!!Everything for fabric under the right circumstances is flammable is it not? Am I wrong?I found a good explanation/summary of this issue here.

So I started cutting it out using a pair of my own pyjama pants that fit the best (and my daughters.) Fold them in half, (some places even suggest ironing, not sure if this is really necessary, so I didn't), lay then on your fabric with the outside leg on fold and mark your seam allowance and cut. Remember to account for whatever band you want on the top. You will need to add more here in your seam allowance to fold over to encase your elastic or tie or plan on cutting another piece for a band which I did. Easy!

So I started sewing up the leg of one of the pairs for my daughter. Then I realized it would be far easier to do the hem now as opposed to later so out comes the seam ripper! Now as most of you know, it is not easy to use the seam ripper on some fabrics especially knits without some consequences. ARRHH....

So I will now have to move the seam in just a little to hide my mess from seam ripping holes. Not the first time unfortunately. You would think I would remember this a little better then eh? Not.

So I start ironing a nice hem and sew. Not sure if I did that right. I should have googled that first again for a review as well because they are definitetly not the same size all the way around. Since I can't take that seam out too, and risk the damage, it is done. I will just have to make the other side the same and carry on. I will look it up before the next pair.

As I am getting ready to go out, I vaguely remember an object I bought awhile ago when I first started sewing that was for seams. I guess I should try to find that.

Matching up leg seams to sew crotch

I now start to sew up the legs from bottom of hem to the bottom of crotch area. Next finish those seams and google the next step.

I am having a hard time understanding this next step. I had to watch a video on you-tube but here goes. Turn one leg right side out. Reach in through the leg you didn't turn and pull the first one through the middle and match up seams. Remove the pins first!! I didn't; can you tell lol. (I had pinned all the way up the seam initially). Ok, now pin the seams together. It should look right to you now if it didn't sound right before. Right sides are together and you can pin all around the U shape for the crotch. (I hate using that word fyi). Only sew one side to the middle and then do the other side the same. I do remember reading that somewhere and now I see why. Finish the seams for this step now.

Waist band of toddler pj pants

Now I sew my waist band together. I have two separate pieces to sew together as I am piecing together what is left of the scraps. I then fold it half right sides together and iron and sew then turn right side out. I ironed it again and then folded in half again and ironed. Now I made a seam from the fold. I now have a place for my elastic.

Now in hind site of course, I should have done this waistband differently. I had already finished the hem essentially by sewing and turning the band. Now I wish I would have just folded it and sewn it to the top of the pants and then finished the seam afterwards. Oh well, It will work and you can't tell from the outside. I will try the other way for the other pair of pants.

Of all fabrics to be a little more careful with as my trusted seam ripper will not be without some damage and I have used it more times so far on these two pairs of pants now. So I made my waistband for my pants. This time I didn't sew the tube and turn it, I simply folded it and sewed it onto the waist. However.....I thought I was all fancy like and going to put a tie in mine and use my button hole maker and so I folded my fabric in half and made my button holes and then proceeded to sew it on the waistband. Anyone see the problem yet? I sewed the opening for the tie closed by folding my fabric! ARHHH! Seriously!! And.... wait for it.....I also did not leave my hole in the waistband to allow for my elastic to go through the top as well! I may need a drink at this rate but it is 3pm and I think it may be frowned upon to pick your daughter up from daycare smelling of booze!

I so wanted these done tonight of course. I have the patience of...well I just don't have much. Sooo...

After a conversation with my aunt on how I might fix this, I am back at it. So I risked a few holes by opening one side of the button hole. Painstakingly I might add. Then I used Fray Check on the mess I made. So we will put that stuff to the test lol.

Maddie's pj pants

So my daughter loves hers. Yeah:) (She still will barely let me try on her training pants I made her.) They do need hemmed a bit more and her elastic needs tightened a bit. I can do that.

​​Mine fit pretty darn good. Again, I need to hem mine more too. Not sure why it is so much different when I used pants as a pattern that were already hemmed and didn't add more than an inch for seam allowance. I will learn why someday and have an Ah-ha moment and laugh at myself. Adventures in sewing. I wish you could feel how soft and lovely this fabric is....ahhhhhh.

Matching pj pants

Stay tuned for more pj pants out of the other two soft fabrics. I wonder what else I can make from that material? Update: I have since read somewhere to use yor stretch stitch on the sewing machine for any fabric that is going to stretch a bit. This fabric shrunk a bit so I shoud have waited to hem some more.

I also learned how to do a cuff type hem that is much easier and looks better. Fold 1/4-1/2 inch under on the bottom and then fold the opposite way and sew along the edge.

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