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A little bedtime story...zzzz

So I have to give a shout out to A Little Pillow Company. They make these awesome little toddler pillows without any harmful chemicals, hypoallergenic and they are the perfect size. I love them! (This is not a sponsered post, I just seriously love these little pillows).

I decided to make my own pillow cases for them. Of course I turned to Pinterest and I found an awesome tutorial here.

Pillow and pillowcase

Now these pillows are 13x9 so I cut my fabric 27x20. You will need a band measuring 27x6 if you want it. The ribbon is 27" long.

This method shown in the tutorial would work even better if I could sew straight and pin properly, so I could catch all the layers the first time. Sadly, I cannot!


After more than a few fixes, I finally have the satin and the band on properly and then attempt my first French seams. I don’t understand the instructions on the first tutorial so I search some more. I still am not completely sure but here goes... I am not sure if it was a complete fail or not. Learning as I go…

Does it need French seams? Probably not. No one is turning it inside out for any reason are they? I may do some with and some without for the practice but so far it is proving to be more frustrating than rewarding and I am still questioning the reason behind this on a pillow case.

They fit well and are cute regardless. Now how many does one little girl need?....

Pillowcase and crib sheet

Now I also had to make matching crib sheets of course:) These are pretty easy. I cut my fabric 40x64 (they could stand to be a bit smaller).

Measure crib sheet

Next you fold it half lengthwise, then bring bottom end up to meet the top (fold in half width wise). Now you should have all 4 corners lined up. Cut a 9x9 square out of your corners.

Making a crib sheet

Line up one corner at a time and sew edges together (right sides together). Now you have your corner pockets. Next, iron or fold your edges around twice (to keep from fraying) to make an encasement for your elastic. Sew all the way around leaving a 1/2 inch opening to thread your elastic through. Put your elastic in and now go try it on your mattress. You will need 78" or more of elastic and you may need to adjust your elastic and fabric several times to find a length that you can easily fit onto your mattress. This is also very dependent on what type of fabric you used and how much stretch there is to it. Sew your elastic together and sew your 1/2 inch seam closed and you are done.

This same pattern can be applied for many things such as cushion covers, change pad covers, and play pen sheets.

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