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All the mittens were hung from the jackets with care....

Attach mittens to jackets

All of the mittens were hung from the jackets with care.

In hopes of not losing them again this year....

For the last 2 years now, I have not lost a mitten:) I may be jinxing myself but here is what I have found to work so far.

Attaching FOE and snaps to mittens

I have taken the Babyville fold over elastic (FOE)for cloth diapers and cut approximately 1-1.5 inch pieces off. I fold one end over 1/4 inch and sew to the back side of the jacket cuff.(I am not being sponsered by Babyville for this post. Just mentioning the products I used so it is easy to duplicate for you.)

FOE and snaps on mittens

I then fold the other end over 1/4 inch and put a plastic Babyville snap on. Now I don't know which end is "female or male". I simply picked one for the jackets and the other for the mittens. I also picked the one for the mittens that I had more of (leftover from making diapers).

Jacket with mittens attached

Now do the same for the mittens. Watch your orientation of mittens to jackets when deciding where to sew on the mittens. I picked the back of the cuff again but you can also do the front. Just look it over before sewing it. I may have messed some up this way lol.

The most time consuming part was sewing them on the jackets and mittens. Go slow. The snaps take no time at all, just make sure you do the jackets all at once and then the mittens so as not to mix up the different female/male ends of the snaps.

I am sure a large part of my success in not losing mittens is also my daughters age. Last year, at 1, she was not able to undo her mittens from her jacket. Now at 2, she is learning how:(

Jacket with mittens attached

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