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New Toddler's Room: Let the polkadots begin....

We are slowly changing the nursery into a little girls room. Although I am delighted in this project, it does mean, my 2 year old is not really a baby anymore.

It also reminds me of how we (my sister and I) used to come home from school to find our shared room redecorated with a new theme. There would be newly painted walls. Maybe some wallpaper. There would be new pillows and accessories. All of our furniture would be rearranged and we might have a new comforter on our bed to match whatever theme mom had on the go. Wonderful memories of my mother's creativity:)

Our new theme is Minnie Mouse, as like most little girls she has really taking a liking to her. Our blow up Christmas Minnie mouse on the front step "says Hi body body" (everybody).

New window valance

I started by changing her curtains into a valance. They were very easy. I left the raw edge on the bottom as I thought it wouldn't be noticed and might hang better than a bulky hemline. I did fold the sides and top under 1/4" to hem and then made a casing for the curtain rod. Easy!

New lampshade cover polk-a-dots

Next I decided to cover her lamp shade. The original lamp is a tweety bird with the bottom being a bird house. I didn't want to change the lamp as I really like it. So I thought for now, I would just put some polkadots on there.

This is a bit tricky. You need at least a meter of fabric. I folded the fabric in half and took the shade and laid it down on its side. Now roll the shade on its side from one side to the other to make a semicircle. Follow with a fabric marker as you roll. Do this for the top and the bottom of the shade. Now when you cut it, give yourself 1/4-1/2" seam allowance. I then made a hem on top and bottom and then marked where my middle seam needed to be for the middle by wrapping it around the shade. Sew your seam and try it on!

Conveniently she already has a polkadot chair. I have also started putting some Minnie decals on her wall and door.

Maddie's growth chart

I have been wanting to make her a growth chart for some time now. I debated for a while on a theme and then my brother-in-law suggested a very simple theme that wasn't too childish so it could grow with her. Perfect! I am using some of those Minnie Mouse decals. That way I can change it up with different decals later on.

I used a wood burner to mark the ruler (pencil it first) and then outline the numbers. I printed the numbers out and then cut them out to trace around them. (I was too cheap to go buy stencils.) It worked fine. I painted them with some sample paints I bought at Lowe's a while ago and then put the decals on.

I then marked all the spots we have been measuring on the doorframe with the dates and went over that with the wood burner Now she wants to be measured on the door frame and the growth chart lol.

Maddie's new polk-a-dot pillows

Like my mother, I also made some polkadot pillow covers for the pillows she already had. (There are tiny polkadots on the purple fabric as well.)

My husband is building her a Minnie Mouse bed. We are almost done so a picture will be coming soon......

** I guess due to Disney copyright issues, we will not be posting a picture of the bed:( There is a very similar bed found here.)

You might be able to catch glimpses of it here.

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