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Tutorial...And then there were training pants....

Sewing Training Pants

Since we already use cloth diapers, I started thinking early about making reusable training pants. This has been interesting to say the least, but hopefully will work. It won't be long before little Miss independent starts potty training:(

So I tried a few patterns I found online and practiced on some scrap fabric first. I made a couple of different styles and modified the patterns slightly.

Sewing Training Pants

One of the patterns I used can be found here.

These ones have PUL on the outside providing a waterproof layer. There are a couple layers of absorbency in the middle and then the inner material is stretch cotton. The inside layer will absorb but will also allow them to feel slightly wet. I used many of my scraps of PUL and pieced them together to make the correct size I need. These definitely look homemade but they ARE training pants, (hopefully only used for a short time) and as long as they don't leak, I am not going to care about imperfections in my sewing.

Sewing Training Pants

It was mentioned by one of the posts I read, to use cut up old t-shirts to stretch for the sides and top band. Unfortunately after making all of these, I realized I cut the t-shirts the wrong direction, therefore not providing the stretch I needed and that is why I ended up going back and putting elastics in the legs and waist bands. Oh the things I still don't know, Arrhh.....

And now that I started trying these on the little one again when we are starting training, they don't fit in the legs!!!! Oh the tantrums I am having on the inside right now. All that work putting the elastics in and now they are too tight. Now I have to decide if they are worth fixing.)

The trials and tribulations of putting on the leg and waistbands has been a stressful process. I don't think one of them went on right the first time. I always ended up flipping it over to find it did not line up in certain (sometimes multiple) spots. The same happens whenever I use bias tape; so frustrating!

Will I ever learn how to do this properly? Suggestions welcome!

Training pants

The next pattern I tried is underwear style. I got the pattern here. I adjusted this pattern slightly to add an inside pocket which can hold an extra absorbent insert for training purposes and then be removed and used as regular underwear once trained. I suppose you can always add the insert for outings or car trips later for piece of mind.

Training pants with pocket for insert

I also pieced together the bottom piece and crotch piece of the pattern to save a step and ensure a smooth less seamed feel.

It is hard to determine fit and function right now because little Miss is determined that she is not wearing them or trying them on because she wants her diaper on!

These were a little easier to sew (not as thick). Again, I had to put elastics in waist and legs as I did not cut the t-shirt correctly to provide the stretch needed for this part. (And now like the other ones, they too are too small in the legs. These may be worth fixing and a little easier to add a piece on the sides. They look nice though and I think they look a little less homemade and should work well.

Training Pants

I bought a few really cute ones off amazon and really like this style. They are similar to the AppleCheeks version as well. I recently gave this a shot by making my own pattern using one of the purchased ones as a guide. These turned out nice as well.

Update Oct 6, 2016. These ones seem to fit the best and she likes them the most.

I made a point this time to cut the t-shirt in the right direction for the stretch. I also sewed the wide elastic on the top of the diaper and then folded it over sewing it again. This gave it a much neater look and I won't have to worry about the elastic folding over on itself in the wash.

The AppleCheeks come with an inside pocket to be stuffed with an insert if needed so I used that in my pattern as well.

I may have made these legs too small as well. So much for starting early to be ready for potty training. I am not sure what type of material is used on the ones I bought as far as the leg elastic goes. Oh the things I haven't learned yet aaarrrrhhhh!!!

I have some more work to do to fix some of these now. If I try them on her anymore before I get it right, I may discourage her from wearing them at all I am afraid.

Let the fixing and the training begin......

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