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13 Potty Training Preparation Tips

13 Potty Training Preparation Tips

WOW! There is a lot of work that goes into getting read to potty train! It seems like I have been working on this for months. Probably because I have.

1. I have been working away at training pants for months now.

Sewing-training pants

Now that I am ready to use them, they are mostly too small in the legs. My little Miss has grown slightly since I started making these in October. See my post on training pants here

2. So I started looking on Pinterest of course, this is my go-to for most things lol. There are all kinds of posts on potty training in 3 days. Now I am sure this may work for many but with me and my husband working shift work, this is not likely to work in my house in that time frame.

I decided my present goal is to just start and work away at it. No one will be rushed, no timeline, let her ease into it and get used to it. She is very smart so it probably won't take long. We will see how it goes.

3. The easiest thing to start with is to make your line (pink tape) on the bathroom wall for the toilet paper. They will need a visual for how much to use. I also put wipes in the bathroom. (Now she wants wipes continually and even when she hasn't actually had a success. The wipes are now up out of her reach on the counter lol.)

13 Potty training tips

4. The next easy part is picking a potty. You can get basic potty's or ones that sing , etc. Doesn't matter really, they will all serve the same purpose.

I also picked up a brand new toilet seat cover with built in potty seat that has a "whisper close" for $9 at a thrift store. It was still all sealed in its package (these run $40+).

Built in potty seat

So now I have a Minnie Mouse potty that sings Hip-Hip-Hooray, and the toilet seat cover. I also have another basic potty for the car. My best friend says this was a God sent as children are not going to wait until you get to your destination.

Update: Oct 6, 2016

We have used the potty from the car everywhere!! At the camp, in the bathroom at the camp, on the side of the road, at the gas station, at the park etc.

Potty training -our potty spot

We already had the step stool in the picture above(#4) however we have a very small bathroom and her Minnie Mouse potty doubles as a stool when closed so I took this stool out for now.

5. Before christmas, I came across a reward calendar in the local dollar store. It comes with stickers and multiple pages to be used as a calendar This went up on our fridge with the stickers in the drawer out of reach.

Update: Oct 6, 2016

She quickly lost interest in this. At times she still wants stickers and looks for this but she had more interest in taking it off the fridge so I just left it off for now. She is more interested in treats now.

Rewards calendar

6. I went to Value Village and spent over an hour going through children's books to have some new ones on potty training. Also I thought new books would make a good distraction while waiting on the potty. I put a basket beside her potty to hold all the books, wipes (now on counter), and other necessities.

New books for potty training

7. A very innovative idea I came across on Pinterest is to put coffee filters in the potty to help clean up the poop messes. I now have these in the basket beside the potty too (she loves putting them in before she sits down).

Portable potty for car

8. I put together a car kit for the potty on the go(pictures above and below). I have a bag for clothes, a wet bag, some wipes, a change of clothes, some small garbage bags, coffee filters, a disposable diaper (just in case), another piddle pad for the carseat, toilet paper (as it is winter and wipes will be frozen if left in the car), a blanket and an extra pair of training pants. This will have to be moved between vehicles but we also still have a diaper bag as well. Luckily I have an SUV so this may be an easier feat, if needed, compared to the truck.... time will tell.

Potty kit for the car

9.I have made a couple more piddle pads for the carseats. (We can have an extra in each vehicle). I used an old towel as the absorbent part and then a layer of PUL for the waterproof layer and some fabric for the top layer. I used the original piddle pad as a pattern.

Update: Oct 6, 2016. Now keeping these piddle pads on the car seats seems to be the new challenge. She wants them off all the time and we have had a few accidents:(.

DIY Piddle pad

10. Of course, what is potty training without treats. I have gathered multiple suckers and life savers etc over the past month or so. Now we have a candy jar in the cupboard. I figure if we give a sticker for every time she tries the potty and then save the candy for successes this may work well.

Candy jar for potty training

11. I found some old puppy piddle training pads in the closet and put them and a mattress pad in the living room so she/we would have something to put on the chair or couch whenever she finally decides to wear her training pants lol.

Update: Oct 6, 2016. She now goes and gets these training pads herself and puts them on the chair or couch.

13 Potty training tips

So far so good:) She is wanting to sit on the potty all the time now. She has had multiple successes at the daycare and at home now.

We have also been able to get her training pants on instead of a diaper quite a few times so far. Her "dolly" has underwear so she wanted to have underwear too lol. The training pants she has had on; she did soil:(. Oh well, that's what they are for.

12. I have also ordered a couple of small gadget that fits on the tap to extend the water farther into the sink for little hands.

13 Potty training tips

13. I also found a color changing heat sensitive light to put on the tap. (Blue is cold, green-warm and red-hot). I ordered these from They have yet to arrive so I will have to update this post when I try them. Wish us luck:)


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