Sewing: 4 Easy Easter Projects

March 18, 2016


 Easter Bunny Happenings...


Last Easter I started making some of these cute stuffed eggs and birds. They turned out quite nice so I made some extras for my nieces and nephews as well. It is definitely a good way to use up some scraps. Cheap, easy and good for baby and toddlers.


I also made my first dress for Miss Maddie. This could have been better, especially if I had used a pattern lol. But it fit and it was pretty.


It was very frustrating without a pattern. I was on maternity leave at the time and too cheap (and broke) to pay for every pattern I wanted. I found a picture of a dress with the heart shape cut out on the back and started....


A long time later, this did turn out, despite the poor picture quality.


Hopefully I have grown in my sewing this year and I will possibly (if time permits) attempt to make another easter dress (using a pattern this time).


So now this year, I have found lots of ideas on Pinterest, yet again. I found lots of patterns for bunny's. Some worked and one ...not so much (I won't bore you with that one lol).



 This pattern worked well. It will be more for decoration than to play with (more so because I didn't sew that bow and don't want to have to tie every day lol). This was by far the easiest. The pattern was very nice and easy to follow with a download template.



This bunny turned out really cute.  I would have liked to figure out how to better attach the arms and legs if I were to make another one. All in all what matters is my daughter likes it. 


And what would be an easter bunny without some carrots? I love these. They are kind of a frig to add the leaves on top but otherwise easy. Another good way to use up scraps as well. 

There you have it 4 easy Easter projects and some good ones to use up all of those scraps. Enjoy and Happy Easter


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