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Tutorial: Potty training car seat pee pad

Every car seat needs a piddle pad. Especially during potty training!

We had bought one for approximately $14 when we got our car seats. I then made one for our second vehicle using the original as a pattern. Once I started planning for potty training, I quickly realized that we would need a back up for each vehicle.

Tutorial: DIY carseat pee pad

I was too cheap to spend another $24 plus tax so I decided I had all the materials and could just make some more lol.

You will need:

An old towel or some other absorbent material

Some PUL (Polyurethane laminate)

Fleece or other absorbent soft material

Piddle pad

Now if you don't have one to make a pattern from, make your own pattern by measuring your car seat. Start by measuring the back of the seat where the little bum sits against. Now measure to the front and sides. If you are doing this on paper, cut this out and then go back out to the car and make your marks for the seat belts including the middle piece between their legs. Once you have this, either place on fabric and allow for seam allowance or trace and make another one with seam allowance included.

I learned a nifty trick to add seam allowance to patterns. Put elastic or tape on your pen and a pencil. Use one to keep in line with the pattern and one to draw your line for the seam allowance. Follow around your pattern and it should stay even and provide at least 1/4 inch space.

You will need to cut your pattern (without hole in the middle) out of all your materials.

Tutorial DIY piddle pad

Next place the PUL and fabric piece right sides together then lay your towel piece on top. Stitch all of these together leaving a place to turn. Once you turn it right side out, sew your seam closed. Now you are going to mark your spot for the middle hole. Measure twice cut once, I think the saying goes.

Tutorial DIY car seat pee pad

Now you are going to make another small piece (all three layers) that is a flap that fits in front of the seatbelt in between the legs. Now sew this on well. Make sure the PUL side is going to end up against the middle seatbelt to protect it from wetness.

Tutorial: DIY piddle pad

Go ahead and sew a finishing seam all around your hole. Don't be afraid to go over it a few times as this will get some wear and tear from moving. This one is going in my husbands truck can you tell, lol. Miss Maddie also likes "Spidyman" too.

The original has some seams in it like a quilt to add stability and keep everything from shifting, as it is washable. I will go back and do this now too, while I am thinking about it. I always worry that I didn't catch all the layers when sewing the main seams (experience has taught me this the hard way.)

And you are done. Go try it in your car seat and admire your handy-work.

Tutorial DIY car seat pee pad

Tutorial DIY car seat pee pad

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