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Tutorial: All the little pretty's in one place

How on earth do you arrange all these hair bows, barrettes, headbands and ponytails for a toddler???


Tutorial Hair Accessory Holder

I wanted them to be out of her everyday reach but within her site to hopefully encourage her to want them in.

At 2 years old she is a tease when it comes to putting things in her hair. You may get through putting some pigtails in, only for her to pull them out on the way to daycare (or shortly afterwards they tell me). Sometimes I don't even get past the brushing before she changes her mind on the pigtails.....Someday i guess.

I found an interesting picture on pinterest for hair accessory organization. I thought it looked easy enough so I gave it a try.

First I decided mine was simply going to hang on the wall unlike the ones I found on Pinterest.

I needed a backing anyway so I decided to make it reversible so I could turn it around if I wanted a change.

Hair Accessory Holder

Next I determined what size I needed. Mine was approx 13x25. I made the the bands 2.5 x10 inches. I made everything by sewing the seams, leaving a hole and turning right side out. This way I had nice finished seams. I put some pieces of stiff cardboard inside my band for stability. (These are actually the cardboard pieces out of the bias tape). Being a pack rat comes in handy lol.

DIY Hairbows

Back when Maddie was younger, I took a bunch of hair pieces apart and replaced the clip with velcro and then added the opposite velcro to some hair bands so I could switch the bows or flowers when ever I liked. I decided to make some more hair bows for Miss Maddie recently and used this same technique. With this all done, I used velcro on the wall hanging too to hang the bows and flowers. These bows are my first try. They could stand to be smaller I think lol.

Fold over elastic seemed the easiest to use for barrettes and clips.

I made a panal at the bottom for storing things like brushes and bigger items.

Tutorial Hair Accessory Holder

Originally I put all of these things in place on both sides and then sandwiched them in between the two pieces, right sides together so some would be part of my seam. You could do the next few steps below prior to sewing your main seam if you are worried about both sides lining up (remember I made mine reversible).

Once turned right side out, close your seam and sew between the cardboard pieces on the 2 bands. Sew a couple of spots on your elastic as well.

Sew the lines on the bottom panel to what ever size pockets you want. I did mine with varying sizes. You can also put your snaps on now. Depending on how you plan on hanging this on the wall, You could add tabs at the top or loops of ribbon.

Reversed hair accessory Holder

And Voila!! I like it!

Tutorial Hair Accessory Holder

In hindsight, I am now going to undo the bands at the edges and use snaps on both ends This will allow for more options to put things.

Right now with the way I did it, you can only hang things like headbands. Once fixed, I can add hair elastics and headbands as I will be able to have acess to both sides. (This will become clearer in the next picture.)

As you can see I didn't get fancy about hanging it on the wall lol.

Hair Accessory Wall Hanging.

Here is the other side:)

Tutorial Hair Accessory Holder


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