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Tutorial: Cinch belt-Say no to Toddler Crack

These little things are great!. So simple to make and handy for all those in between stages of clothes where they aren't quite filling out the jeans/pants.

I finally found a use for some of the fold over elastic (babyville) that I have so much trouble using for other things. (That is a whole other post topic I think).

These can be made for any size child. I wouldn't plan on this elastic working for adults; although it may be tempting to hand them out to some people as a suggestion or make them for yourself or your hubby lol.

Mark your elastic like you see in the picture above. This is your placement for the snaps.

You may want to finish this edge first or fold over a couple of times as it can fray. You could also use fabric glue. I have seen this done with thicker elastic as well.

Here is the snap orientation. You have two size options on each side of the belt.

See how easy this is. Now you can make some up and have a stash for when you need them.

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