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Sew it now: Check out this cute little drawstring bag

Tutorial drawstrin bag

I came across this awesome little bag on Pinterest (where else do I actually search and browse these days). After a bit of searching, I finally found the pattern. It is fairly easy and has good instructions.

These can be used for almost anything. I use mine for little Miss's clean or dirty clothes for daycare, while traveling or along with the diaper bag, and for toys.

I have made quite a few already as they don't take a lot of time.

The possibilities for fabrics are obviously endless. Every time I love a fabric and have enough left over, I tend to think of making up another bag.

Drawstring bag

Another great thing about them is you can make them whatever size you want. You could line this with PUL fabric as well for a waterproof bag if you wanted.

These are great for gifts as well for baby showers. I also find the double drawstring works very well and even Maddie can open and close it.

Drawstring bag

Watch any directional prints. I may have hastily not read the directions multiple times and missed the reasoning behind putting the pattern pieces a certain way....EHEM!

I think Jeni may have redone this post since I last made these bags as they seem to have more steps and seems fairly fool proof compared to what I remember lol. She has plenty of pictures on her site as well to give you some good ideas for fabric choices.

It was funny when I first saw the post on Pinterest, I actually had just bought the same fabric that was used in her picture so I had to make my own of course.

Happy sewing:) These are addictive lol.

Drawstring bag

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