Join me as I stumble through parenting while learning how to craft and sew.

I am enjoying this journey and as always am inspired by my mother.


Memories of Mom

I always used to wonder how mom knew, just from looking at me, that I was tired, sick or that something was wrong. In looking at my daughter now, I know.

Oh the things I have learned from being a parent for only 2 short years so far. The things I wish I could tell my mother. The things I miss about my mother let alone just having her around. I miss calling her with news or stories.

I realize more and more every day how much I learned from her and how much I am like her in so many ways. I also realize how much my daughter at her young age is like me. She is a Minnie me through and through.

My mother must be laughing in Heaven as she sees this little Minnie me. The climbing, the determination, the independence, the stubbornness and the fun. My mother was very proud of me for the women I am today; just as I am, as I see this little one grow up to be like me.

I can only hope to be half the mother I had. I am not setting the bar too high, nor am I undermining my abilities as a parent now, or in the future. I just have very big shoes to fill and times are different for me and my family comparatively.

Mom fabric shopping lol. I bet my husband could take a similar picture of me from time to time lol.

I also realize that as much as I love every minute with my daughter, I could not be a stay at home mother. Mom on the other hand, looked after so many kids, daily, for many years. All of those children would remember her still now I am sure.

Years later when she no longer looked after children, her love for them never faded. I remember us telling her time and time again in a loving and half joking way not to keep going up to strangers with their babies. She was always just itching to hold them and play with them lol.

In going through all of these pictures on my computer, I wish you could see the joy and love in my mothers eyes in all the ones that she is holding a baby or with a child. For those that knew her, you know the look:)

I now understand her joyful anticipation of our reaction to things she had done or made. Our rooms could be redone in a day while we were at school. It could be painted with new curtains, pillows, decorations, bedspreads, the works. The next day could be the living room lol. We used to joke about how if something stood still long enough it might just get painted. Below is a bench that stood still too long lol.

The bench that stood still and got painted

The projects she would take on, like building our Barbie house for Christmas one year. It had 6 rooms all completely done with wall paper (including on the floor to look like tile or wood), curtains, flower arrangements on the tables, placemats, telephones (remember the old fashioned ones on the tables and walls lol) bath mats, toys in the nursery, the list is endless. I'm sure it took her awhile to make, but I now understand the joy it brought her then, and for years to come, as we played. My husband teases me about how I am getting more pleasure putting things together that my daughter will have in taking them apart in minutes.

When I bought my first home (mini home), she helped paint it top to bottom. She helped pick out colors and made my curtains and helped get me organized. She helped me change light fixtures, fix gardens, you name it!

When I lived in Saint John, she used to write me letters. I still have many of them updating me on the family news and other happenings. This was on top of talking to me on the phone a lot as well as visiting. She helped us all move at least twice from houses, apartments or boyfriends' houses.

When I decided to start my own little business, my mother was by my side helping however she could. Although we looked bored in this picture we really had a good time.

Mom and I at the pet expo

Between my brother and my Mother, they decided for Christmas one year, that I should get a dog. My bother came up with the story that he needed help picking up a Hope chest he had made for his girlfriend. When he arrived in the van, Mom was there too. I asked why and she said the Hope chest was going to his girl friend's house so she wouldn't get to see it otherwise. Long story short, they drove me to the house where I picked out my beloved "Brandy" who is now 10.5 yrs old. What a Christmas!

And then there was Christmas....What a time my mother had. The decorating would start just after Halloween. There could be up to 3 Christmas trees some years, but there was always 2. There wasn't a room left untouched. It took weeks to get it all done and she loved every minute of it.

Then came the planning and preparation for the Christmas Eve party. All were welcome. Most people came from both sides of our family and many friends as well. There was a pinata (sometimes homemade) for the kids to break. Santa came and brought presents for all the younger children. There was a huge pot luck feast. Music, laughter and so many wonderful memories.

Sunday suppers were not to be missed. Mom loved nothing better than to have us all under one room at any given time lol. Thank goodness for Dad and his camera. He was always trigger happy which gives me all these nice photos to post now.

So many wonderful memories. I am confident I will someday leave my daughter with many as well, as I am, my mother's daughter.

In any child's eyes, there isn't anything a mother or father can't do. Even as adults, we are still looking at them through those same young eyes until... we can't. Enjoy your mother today and everyday. Memories, or in person. They love you like no one else ever will. I continue to be Inspired by Mom every day and I am loving this journey.

Happy Mother's Day to all xoxo.

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