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Tutorial: Adult T-shirt to toddler night shirt

T-shirt to night dress

This is a fairly easy project. I has already bought a few extra t-shirts at the thrift store to make more leggings for Miss Maddie but decided to make a night shirt instead.

I put her Minnie Mouse night shirt on her for the first time last night and thought she would baulk it as its not pants... and she loved her "dress".

One of the t-shirts I bought had spider man on it because being Daddy's little girl, they like "spidyman".

T-shirt to night dress

I used her night dress for a pattern. You could use a tank top as well. I tucked in the sleeves and folded it in half.

T-shirt to night dress

You will be using the sleeves so don't discard or cut through them just yet. Cut along the side of the night dress from the shoulder down the side. Leave a seam allowance when you cut.

Now sew your side seams of the t-shirt leaving approximetely 1/2- 1 inch from the armpit.

Cut your sleeves of the t-shirt along the seams. We are going to "girl up" this t-shirt with the sleeves.

T-shirt to night dress

Do a baste stitch around the rounded part of each sleeve and gather. Line up with the t-shirt and pin in place.

T-shirt to night dress

Sew this on leaving approximetely 1-1/2 inch of space on the side seam.

On the other side of the sleeve, sew a lettuce hem by setting your machine to a short zig-zag stitch and stretching the fabric as you sew. (Grab ahold of the back and pull tight from the front as you sew.)

T-shirt to night dress

Now add some small elastic approximately 1/2 inch from the lettuce hem. My elastic was 7 inches long. Use the same technique as above by holding your elastic in the back and stretching as you sew. Pull it tight and don't worry if it doesn't quite make it to the end as chances are these sleeves are bigger than your toddler needs anyway.

T-shirt to night dress

Finish your sleeves now starting with your lettuce hem (and where your elastic stopped), sew your seam down to the side.

T-shirt to night dress

Originally I made this line you see in the picture above and basted it and gathered it. Now that I see this on her it is too long and the ruffle effect is not quite the same. I think I will try it again tomorrow and cut it off, bast, gather and sew it back on.

T-shirt to night dress

Overall, I am pleased with this. It fits her well other than the length and the not so ruffled look on the bottom half.

So of course I had t try some more lol.

T-shirt to nightdress

T-shirt to nightdress

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