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Tutorial: Matching Leggings for Me and My Girl

I found an awesome tutorial on leggings! These are basically made the same as the pajama pants but more fitted. I really enjoyed this video and found it very easy to follow. They show you two different ways to make them.

I ordered these two fabrics online and I have since gone looking for some old cheap t-shirts to make some more for my daughter (as shown in the video).

When I cut out my fabric, I had far too much seam allowance. I may have been a little generous or maybe I was visualizing how I made the pj pants lol.

Regardless, more is better than too little of course. I will try to use the waste pieces for matching headbands perhaps as I have been wanting to try that too.

I read in a post somewhere recently to use a stretch stitch for this type of project as the material is meant to stretch so your stitches should too. This seemed to make sense so I tried that.

Both patterns have directional prints so I was careful when cutting out the leggings and piecing them together to line them up as best I could. As I was making these from scratch (as opposed to using an old t-shirt), I followed the technique for making a cuff like hem on the bottom. I also did my elastic for the wasteband the same as shown in the video. I may not have used a stretch stitch for the waistband (or maybe I did and the before mentioned theory didn't prove true?), because when I have put them on my daughter a couple of times, I heard the pulling of threads.

All in all she loves them. She wants to change into hers after daycare if I have mine on and she checks us both in the mirror in the stores to look at us both with matching legs. She is also not a fan of jeans lately and keeps wanting "nice pants on" lol.

Matching leggings

Using the tshirts can be a bit tricky. Make sure you get large to extra large tshirts and only plan on using this method for toddler pants.

How to make toddler leggings from t-shirts

If you only want one seam on the legs, make sure you fold your shirt so that you are not using your side seam of your t-shirt as your fold. You do seem to waste more of the t-shirt this way. You can by all means use the outside seam, if that is the look you are after. It won't look bad, just not the same. See for yourself.

The larger the shirt, the better, so that you don't end up running into your neck line when cutting your top waste band for the pants. I learned this the hard way. This also gets complicated when you are trying to avoid the side seam and fold your fabric to avoid it.

I thought to myself when I was cutting out the t-shirts as well that I should pay attention to which side is the back for the bum to mark them accordingly and save the quess work later. I then did not do it for any of the pants of course lol. Not sure how I would have either though, maybe a safety pin? Any suggestions?

I also tried to make a tag for each of them too so my daughter could know front from back. Those little buggers are tricky too.

I had already made the waste band by the time I realized I wanted to do this. Now that the elastic is in, you don't want to sew a seam all away around a tag and disrupt the stretch of the elastic in the back.

I chose to use some small pre-made ribbon pieces I bought that say "you are my sunshine". The reason I say this is tricky as I was trying to sew them so they stick up in the middle just a bit so they lay flat when the elastic is pulled. In doing this I tried to sew one side so that it folded over and then tried to do the same to the other....arrrhhh. It is hard to get the ribbon to stay in the right place to sew and it without sewing the top part down as well. There must be a trick to this:(

Regardless, they turned out cute and will be functional and cheap. And here they are. All but the second set of owl pants are made from the tshirts. Tada!!

Lots of DIY leggings

I even cut out some of the embilishments from the t-shirts and sewed them on the legs of some of the pants. Some are meant to be capri style as well in case you were wondering on the different lengths.

Happy sewing:)

DIY leggings

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