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Tutorial: 1Hour DIY iPad Cover

We got a new iPad recently. Yeah:). We didn't buy the iPad cover yet as it is another $100 +tax!!

It wasn't so bad initially, but then I wanted to take it to work and I was worried that I would scratch the screen. You may not think this is that easy but I just ruined my prescription eye glasses in my purse with my emery board. I know, I know, I should have had them in a case but who has room in their purse to have two cases? I don't wear my glasses full time so one pair (usually my sunglasses) gets left out to fend for themselves if I forget to leave them in the car.

Back to the iPad case. I got looking on Pinterest (of course) and well low and behold they had some great ideas for DIY covers. How hard can it be?

So I set out to start this project approx. 1 hour before work lol. Who wouldn't?

Notice I am charging the iPad before work too in hopes I might be able to sew really fast and get to use it lol.

First I had to go running out to the recyclables at the end of the road to retrieve some cardboard. I could hear the truck coming.

Then I scrounged around for some sort of cushion foam kind of stuff to use as a bit of a buffer. I am a good pack rat. Yeah for me! Not so great for my Hubby:(

Now to pick a fabric quickly. I got this fabric at Jo-Anne's about 2 years ago. I loved it and actually got more on a second trip with all kinds of plans for it....that didn't happen yet lol. Added to my lovely stash for just this occasion of course.

I traced around the iPad onto the cardboard.

Then plugged in the glue gun and wrapped the thin foam around the cardboard and glued it.

Next I folded my directional print in half and put my pieces on the fabric to judge my size and cut. Anyone catch on to any problems yet? Stay tuned...

I headed straight to the sewing room as I was on a time crunch. I sewed 2 out of the 3 sides and then put one piece of cardboard in. I made it nice and snug so this was a bit of a pain to get in but that was the goal in my narrow seam allowance lol.

I quickly got out my zipper foot to try to get really close to the edge of the cardboard and sew a seam in the middle where it will fold. Not sure how ling it has been since I used a zipper foot but I was not at all straight or tight. No time to do it again the clock is ticking.

Next I folded the two ends inwards towards the cardboard and tried again to sew close to the cardboard. the picture might make more sense. Again, no time to fix it just keep going. I still had to find some elastic and stuff to take with me to finish it at work.

While at work, I hand sewed the elastic cord in place to hold the iPad and a button and elastic cord closure. While I tried to figure this step out, I realized that with my folding my fabric in half the way I did ,for the directional print, that one side ended up upside down.

Well it works and now I have gathered some sturdy plastic to use so I will find a way to cut this and insert in with the cardboard to provide some more strength. This will give me a chance to fix the direction of the print and those messy uneven seems lol. All in all if you have your materials handy and are not rushed so as not to make simple mistakes like I did, It should only take you about an hour +/- the hand sewing.

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