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Cranky Momma Rant- The toilet training tantrum

Cranky momma Rant The toilet training tantrum

So we have used cloth diapers all along and I enjoyed making some for Miss Maddie. I then tried to make some training pants. (see post here). Some worked better than others and we were able to use most of them for awhile.

Sewing training pants

Aren't they cute?

In the fall she started a new classroom at daycare and as expected, day 1, we discussed pull-ups. I wanted to stick with the cloth training pants I made and bought, as we had done so well with the cloth diapers. I did not want the added expense, nor did I see it as necessary. I finally agreed to buy a bag of pull-ups for outings to make it easier.

Now I know patience is a must with potty training and it takes time and there will be setback and accidents and it's trying but THIS SHIT IS STARTING TO GET REAL!!!!

I wrote a whole post on potty training tips and preparation for god's sake. A lot of what I wrote was very helpful and has come in handy many times, especially the portable potty for the car. (see post here)

Potty training tips

Now I have read a bunch of posts about potty training and talked to various friends about it as well. Everyone talks about this 3 day potty training method. They even sent information home from daycare on that method in the hopes everyone would be trained before the snow flies and the snow suits go on.

There are many reasons this method will not work for us. We both essentially work shift work for starters. We are both working a mixture of days, evenings, nights, and 8 and 12 hour shifts. We rarely have 3 days off together as a family. Who does? I would think most people would have to do this on a holiday long weekend (because there is nothing else to do right?).

Potty training tantrum

We have had setbacks continually! We have had good days and bad (expected this). She was doing better at daycare then at home mostly (expected this too). She understands the concept perfectly. She likes various rewards. She even wakes up dry in the morning at times and shares in our over excitement. She has even had pooped in the potty a few times and we went over the top with exaggerated excitement! Bla, bla, bla!

Potty training tantrum

So I was home the other evening with her and repeatedly asked her (every 15 minutes) if she had to go on the potty and I checked her bum. I told her she could not watch tv until she went on the potty etc. Then it happened... her face started to grimace right in front of me!

I rushed her into the bathroom and started stripping her down and putting her on the toilet to which she stiffened right out straight refusing to sit down stating she already went! "Patience" I repeat to myself a few times and this sweet little voice says "what did you say mommy?"

Ten minutes later we are cleaned up (there was shit everywhere!) with new clothes and much added laundry to the hamper I didn't start yet for this reason!

Not even 20 minutes later... I SMELL SOMETHING!! I do the bum looker mommy thing and sure enough, we are at it again! Battling it out in the bathroom and on the change table and we are both not happy to say the least. More shitty stuff added to the hamper. I am glad I didn't start it yet again.

Why did I not put a diaper on her after the first time? It would have been much easier now. Oh, because stupid, we are trying to get out of diapers and into training pants duh!

So I pick her up at daycare yesterday and we have the talk again. It is taking too long to change her(her clothes need changed usually with each accident), its a mess, it is taking away from the time with other kids and for planned activities. Her bum is sore and they are having major setbacks as well. Defeated..... I understand the mess and frustration all too well and agree to pull-ups. Something has to give here and it may just be my sanity!

While the teacher and I were talking, an older little girl peed herself because she had apparently been trying to get the teacher's attention and we didn't hear her. She is old enough to be quite embarrassed:( I feel awful.

We are leaving daycare and it becomes another battle of control. I have to pin her in her car seat as she is refusing to get in; it is piss pouring rain, and I am getting soaked hanging over the car seat while rain runs down my back!

I want to go get some pull-ups right now (I am a little OCD) but there is no way I am taking her anywhere else. I can tell she hasn't napped (I forgot to ask that of course).

I ignore the crying going on in the back seat giving myself a much needed timeout now, and I am determined to find a way to get those pull-ups before tomorrow as we are both working and she is going to her God Parent's house for the day.

I drop her off at home with hubby and run to the store. It is packed and I am on a time crunch for him to get back to work. Is it too early to drink? Nope, its after 5 lol.

Aaaaaaand......Mission accomplished I have the pull-ups. We will give it a try and I will take my best friend up on her offer to help potty train her. I just can't do it! I see a drink or 2 in my immediate future. .....End of rant.

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