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November 18, 2016

This summer seemed to fly by, as do most I guess. Dear hubby decided to build another bed for Miss Maddie. It turned out Awesome! She loves it.


Didn't he do a great job? Of course I had to put some finishing touches on it like curtains underneath and a princess canopy on top and a new set of blankets, sheets and pillow cases.



The curtains are made from a soft flannel sheet I found at Value village and I cut it to fit. I folded the top over approx. 1.5 inches and sewed it down. I used the finished edge from the blanket as the hem part. I ran a cord through the top of the sheets and tightened it up. There are 4 panels providing openings in the front and at the side. The kids love hiding in there. Maddie even goes in there to have some quite time.


I didn't make the princess canopy, that was a hand me down from one of her older cousins. Score!

 Whenever we go to the camp now, she says she wants to nap in her own bed lol. We put those foam colored mats underneath on the floor and her toys. Her and her cousins sit under there for quite awhile playing.


Here are the new Frozen bed sheet and blanket. She loves them too. I had to make some new pillow cases too of course. See my tutorial on these here at A little bedtime story zzz... they are super easy.

I made us two new matching maxi dresses. You may recognize hers from my home page. She wore the navy one all the time. She loves the "pota dots". I used one of her other maxi dresses as a pattern.



 And her other one...

 We finally got around to painting the sign her uncle made for the play area.



I decided it was time to take my old cradle down out of the garage. Wow! Back in the day when stencilling was popular, mom stencilled everything lol. We always joked with her that if something stood still long enough that it would get painted. I guess I have that gene too at times.

 I didn't do a lot with my gardens this year. Things just grew and the pond kept going and of course the weeds kept coming. The usual.


Maddie loved feeding the goldfish. They got used to her and started coming up and following her around the side of the pond. Tell me she didn't love that.


I did decide that my front porch needs a little more oomph. Here are some before and after pics. Nothing drastic. I made the wreath by tying different scraps around a thin wooden hoop (came with the "W" which I painted black).  The Home sign was a scrap piece of wood that I painted and found those letters at the dollar store so I glued them on (a couple of times over the summer).


All in All a very good summer. We went out on the boat some and took her to a local beach. Many trips to the camp and many other day trips to parks and such. The usual lol.



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January 12, 2017

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