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Sshhhh......It's for Christmas....

I have been sewing up a storm lately. I just have so many things I want to make. Pinterest is a lot to blame for this lol. Not like I don't already have enough for little Miss for Christmas but hey, its fun. I have started planning to save a few things for easter lol.

Update: Feb 24/2017 Featured on Fabricville Blog.

Baby Doll Basket

This is her new doll bassinette. It turned out lovely if I do say so myself.

Baby Doll Basket

The pattern has 3 different size options, is easy to follow and even includes a blanket, pillow and mattress. You can find the pattern here at Dana Made it for $8. It is well worth the money really.

Doll wipes cases with wipes

I made some little baby doll wipes with cases. They didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but good enough. You can find the pattern for this here , for free. There are about 6 wipes in each of them as well. There are more than enough for some of her cousins and friends. I mostly used scraps for these out of fleece or micro chenille to avoid having to finish the edges of all the wipes. Much faster this way as I don't have a serger yet.

Doll Diapers

I also came across a few patterns for doll diapers again so I thought I would give them another shot. There are so many different size dolls! It is hard to get a one size fits all style. These will do I'm sure.

Doll blanket

Doll Blanket

Blankets are super easy and look quite nice and finished with some bias tape on them. I already had some cut but hadn't thought about the bias addition until I came across it in the pattern for the doll bassinette.

Paw patrol blanket and pillow

Paw patrol blanket

I bought some Paw Patrol fabric online as I couldn't find it locally and she LOVES this show. I made a blanket for her bed and a pillow. My plan is for Daddy to pick her up while she is asleep Christmas Eve and I will redo her bed and put her back to sleep so when she wakes up, it will be a surprise first thing. I also bought a new stuffy of Marshall. She tells me all the time he is her favorite.

Frozen sheets and pillow case

Sofia the first sheets and pillow case

I also made her some new sheets for her bed with Frozen and Sofia the first. They turned out nice too. I made some pillow cases to match of course. You can find the tutorial here.

Doll ear muffs

These doll headbands are quick and easy as well as the ear muffs. They turned out cute. Enough for a few littles. I got the idea for this here.

Doll headbands and play bandaids

There is a lot of quick tutorials for the band-aids available online. I didn't use any one in particular. She will love these, as will some of the other little cousins and friends...SSHHHH....

Merry Christmas to all and have a safe and happy holiday season.

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