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How to make a Doll Potty

doll Potty
Doll Potty

So we are still at with this whole potty training business. ARRHHHH!! This really might do me in! If you haven't seen my previous post on my potty training tantrum, it might be good for a laugh. There are a whole lot of "F bombs" under my breath lately and I am not getting "Mommy of the Year" here by any means!!!

So we are onto something new. We watched a potty training movie with a book last night....3 times! She likes it. and repeated most of the intended points and sang along. I may be singing it in my sleep tonight, but hey.

A teddy bear plays a big role in this little movie with the little boy and girl so she of course had to go get hers. After the 3rd time watching this, she starts mimicking the story with her teddy and wants him to go potty. Instead of going to bed nicely...she insists on potty training her teddy and dolly. On and off go the doll diapers I made for Christmas. Out comes the wipes case with wipes (I made these too). Repeatedly they poop a lot! This would be fine if it weren't bedtime and she wasn't exhausted!!

So then...I start thinking about a way to make a potty for the teddy and dolly of course. Why not?

doll potty supplies

Here is what I came up with. I found a small plastic bowl. I used a cracker box and cut out 2 different size half circle shapes (?) for the front and back of the potty. I used 2 pieces of cardboard for each for stability.

Doll potty preparation

I am not partial to this bowl as they are a dime a dozen so I was not concerned about what I could do with it. I decided to glue my pieces on with a glue gun. Front piece is smaller than the back.

Next, waste not want not, I decided to use some scraps I had of fleece to cover the bowl and cardboard. I glued the fabric to the bowl in spots to keep it where I wanted it. As most of you know, it is hard to get it all to lay flat in a bowl shape.

I decided to sew the bottom fabric shut in order to keep her from undoing all of this. I would have liked to have the fabric hang down just to the floor to mimic a real potty a little more but I am not sure what kind of a shape I would need for the fabric. I may try again but for now it will do for teddy and dolly.

And now... I tried again the next day lol. I wasn't pleased with that look. I found a fabric I wasn't partial to and set out with my glue gun and scissors. I used clothespins to keep the fabric where I wanted it until I was ready to glue.

Doll Potty

I cut here and there to shape and get rid of some bulk and just played around with it until I had what I wanted. I gave up on t he perfection part of it all lying flat.

Doll potty

And here it is. voila! This is more the look I was after. Now for Teddy, Dolly and little Miss to get potty trained!!

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