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Hobby Horses, Unicorns and Dragons - Giddyup!

Whimsy woo woonicorn

How cute are these!! They are a bit time consuming but well worth it, and you can be so creative. Another Pinterest winner for sure.

Whimsey Woo Hobby Horse

The kids are having so much fun with them.

I got the pattern for the WhimseywooStables on Etsy. It is a really good pattern with plenty of pictures and good instructions. Hence why I am not going to bore you with a repeat of step by steps here for these. You can also find some videos on YouTube for the sewing the ears, nose and mouth.

I used a muslin underneath them all just to give a little extra support with the stuffing in case there was some stretch to the outer fabric.

It is a great way to use up scraps. The pattern suggests using 30X33 pieces of fabric for the main and then, once folded, and sewn in, cut them into strips. I used some smaller and bigger scraps as well and spaced them out accordingly. My problem seemed to be putting too many scraps in. It suggests 6 max I think, aaaaand I tried way more than that. It really just gets in the way so you might want to stick to the 4-6 layers.

When possible with your scraps, try to pick some fabrics that won't fray. I ended up cutting them all with pinking shears and then going over most of the pieces with fray stop. This is kind of a pain. Just sayin'.

The Whimsey Woo made dragon

I used the same pattern for the dragon and instead of using fabric for the main, I used felt. I used felt for the eyes as well. They were actually not bad at all. There is also an option for an embroidery pattern for the eyes which is great if you have the machine for it but you can also take the pattern to an embroidery shop and have them do it. I thought this was kind of nifty idea for a pattern add on. I might try it with another one someday.

I can honestly say, I really like working with felt. It does what you want unlike fabric. It seems to stay put when sewing, doesn't get caught, no tension issues, no sliding, it can be more flexible in so many ways. I need to stop as I do not need to add to my collection of craft supplies and with how much I like it, it seems to be heading in that direction -straight to the store.

The horns can be a bit of a challenge. I thought initially it was just because I chose a slippery pink fabric scrap for the unicorn but no. You really need to wrap the string around the stuffed horn and stitch it in place as you go. Even with the felt for the dragon horns, I had to stitch every little bit so it stayed put where I wanted it.

Speaking of scraps (again), the bridal for the dragon is actually a used old fashion tie back from a curtain. The other end of it is the fringe. I thought it suited the dragon. Waste not want not. Sadly this pack rat is just encouraged by these lucky finds of things I saved and then I just keep more and more things for someday.

Rubber leg tips for hobby horse

My husband quickly got tired of the noise with the stick banging the floor and also worried about the damage it could cause. He suggested putting rubber leg tips on them. They actually do reduce the noise quite a bit which my little one is upset about lol.

Maddie's 2nd hobby horse

I had always planned on making 2 of these for my little miss. I wanted to have one woonicorn and one regular horse. I quite like them both as does Miss Maddie. She kept asking me why I was making her 2, so I tried to explain that is she had a little friend over that they could each play with one and she could share. "OK mom". Love her!

Hobby horse and Unicorn

Notice the princess crown on top of this one. I love it but my husband doesn't. Oh well, he is a boy.


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