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The Minnie Mouse Dress

The Minnie Mouse Dress!!

How awesome is this dress. I call it her Minnie Mouse dress.. I made it for her for her birthday last year. Yes I am a little late writing a post for it.

This is another Candy Castle Pattern (Princess dress). They really do have awesome patterns and tutorials. It looks complicated and I was fearful that I would end up making many trips to my Aunts' house to get help as well as a 1000 phone calls. Turns out I didn't need to worry at all.

Minnie mouse Birthday Dress

If you have read many of my posts, I am not good at coming up with original ideas for themes or colours to make my projects unique. I saw this dress in these exact colours on Pinterest (f course), and found them! Score.

Admiring the Minnie mouse chalk in the driveway

Admiring Daddy's drawings in the driveway before the party.

She already has her theme picked out for her next birthday. It's Purple , and so far everything including the dress she wants me to make her is going to be purple.

Mine is not the exact same but very similar. Here is the link for the original dress I fell in love with. Giving credit where its due, she did a fantastic job on her dress.

Miniie mouse dress

My little Miss willingly tried this dress on many times and there were more than a couple of tantrums when I had to take it away to fix it lol. The picture above was without the buttons. She kept telling me she didn't need buttons! Don't forget her "tap shoes". She calls her little heels that due to the noise they make.

Minnie Mouse cake

Minnie Mouse cupcakes

We had to have a Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes of course.

Minnie Mouse birthday dress

We all had our Minnie ears on (Daddy did too) and I made a Minnie head for my t-shirt. She has worn this dress to at least 4 other birthdays since. She wants to wear it to school (daycare) all the time to show her no.

Now to get to work on the Purple dress lol. I have an easter dress to make before that lol. Stay tuned.....

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