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Something Old to Something New

My First Refinished Settee

We always used to tease my mother about painting anything and everything. The old joke was, "if it stood still long enough, mom would paint it!"

My latest creativity comes from wanting to by a house that was built 100 years ago. I was inspired by the character and uniqueness of the layout, trim, and the older furniture I saw within. Envisioning myself in this house, I started noticing vintage furniture and trinkets from various second hand stores.

In my quest to find some vintage furniture for my new home to be, I came across a fabulous little store, Pandalily Vintage Shoppe and Studio. It was meant to be!

I went in to look around and saw so many amazing vintage things that were refinished so nicely. I talked to Cheryl Button (owner) and found out about the Country Chic Paint they use, and sell, in the store. Natural chalk-like paint in so many wonderful colors. They are a Canadian company too! I encourage you to check out their story on the link above, its impressive!

Check out this gorgeous vanity I bought at Pandalily Vintage for Maddie and I. Can't wait to put it in our new house. Much to Maddie's dismay, it will be in my room and we can share it for makeup and hair. The first thing she said was that she could do her coloring on there lol. NOT!

Pandalily Vintage Vanity

This cute little bench comes with it.

Pandalily Vintage Vanity bench

I had never really noticed vintage furniture prior to this. Not knowing anything about it, I was really intrigued about the designs, uniqueness and detail in what I was seeing.

I had just been in a second hand store and saw a great little settee for $60. So of course, I went and bought it. In showing a picture to someone who deals with antiques, he dated this to be around 1890-1910.

My first vintage project-settee

My first vintage project-settee

Where else would I put this initially, but right in the living room lol. I decided I kind of liked the old material and thought I could salvage it and maybe wash it to clean it up a bit. NOT! Don't do it. Not worth the effort. It looked better before washing. Lesson learned.

Having the right tools to take all of these nails out would have helped too. I think this is the most time consuming part really. I have since bought the right tool for this at Canadian Tire. (not pictured).

Once I realized the original fabric was not going to work, I went to Fabricville and found this Gorgeous fabric and new trim.

Now, this settee wasn't in perfect shape. I needed to fix and tighten a few things. Cheryl explained how to tighten the springs in the seat with string. I also had it in my head to try to fix a missing piece of the wooded embellishment that was broken on the front of the settee.

Not bad for my first crack at this, if I do say so myself.

I visited Cheryl at Pandalily often for advice and questions. I picked Country Chic Paint in "Simplicity" to match the white in the fabric. Let the painting begin!

On my first round of painting, i realized the original stain tartans were coming through. Cheryl suggested a stain blocker, then to paint over it.

This paint is something else! It goes on easy. Very easy to clean up if you make a mistake or get it on your clothes. Water takes it right off the furniture if you rub the spot. No odour, dries quick, I love this stuff!

I knew it was going to take 2-3 coats of the paint to cover the dark wood. It is also very easy to sand if needed for brush strokes or drips. Trial and error and a lot of patience went into getting this part done. I ended up doing a few extra coats as I noticed more and more drips from the original varnish and ended up sanding it down again after 2 coats of paint.

Once I got to this stage, I took it to the Pandalily Vintage Studio to finish it. Cheryl showed me how to do the highlighting of the carvings with a coloured grey wax. This too was easier than I thought it would be, and looked so good when finished. Next we used bee's wax as a top coat to protect it all.

Now I was really getting excited. Putting the fabric on finally. First we added an extra layer of foam and then quilt batting to the top of the bench. I used the original piece of fabric as a guide to cut what I needed for the seat cover. Thank God Cheryl taught me how to do this and was there to help. A lot of pulling and tugging and staples goes into reupholstering, as well as a lot of staple removal lol.

Oh I love it!! We added more quilt batting to the upper two panels of the chair as well. I love the puffiness. Looking so cozy.

Next came the lace trim. I found some Gorilla glue sticks at Canadian tire. Let me tell you, they are quite a bit better than the dollar store ones I have bought for so long. Covering up most of the staples and getting it straight was not too bad. Removing a few more staples as I went, hoping not to pull the fabric was tricky. The corners can be a bit of a challenge but it turned out great. Thanks for all the help and teaching Cheryl, I can't wait for another project.

I wish my mother was here to help with these things. I am more like her everyday. This settee sat still for a very long time. And so, inspired by mom xoxo, I painted it!

That is also my vintage little suitcase I painted in the back ground. Stay tuned for more vintage finds and makeovers.

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